September (Labor Day Weekend)
Bumbershoot is one of America's largest urban arts festivals and one of the most highly anticipated Seattle events each year. Held at the Seattle Center, Bumbershoot fills four days and nights with music, arts and food. The beauty of Bumbershoot is in the way it embraces art of all forms-one minute you're at a hip-hop concert, the next you're passing a puppet show. Typically around 2500 artists of all mediums are on hand to delight and entertain.

The primary draw for many attendees is the concert lineup, which always features an impressive mix of big name national acts and smaller, independent artists from all musical genres. While some arts festivals may look over particular styles of music, Bumbershoot makes a concerted effort to represent as many different sounds as possible.

Though the musical lineup is one of the festival's main attractions, it only represents a small part of the weekend's activities. A huge art market displays arts, crafts and goods made by a wide variety of artists and artisans. The International Bazaar features imported goods from all over the world, and the food market is packed with favorites. On stage you'll see poets, dancers, clowns, acrobats, DJs and comedians. The entire weekend is packed with activities that celebrate the arts.
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