Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Located 60 miles north of Seattle on Interstate 5, the Skagit Valley is a lush vale of farmland dotted with picturesque small towns. Over the years the entire area has become associated with the many tulip farms that burst into color in spring. At the heart of the valley is the town of Mount Vernon, which hosts the popular Skagit Valley Tulip Festival each April.

This month-long event allows tulip farmers the opportunity to open their blossoming fields to the public. In addition, it gives valley artists, musicians and craftsmen a showcase through various showings held throughout April. One of the most popular events is the annual Kiwanis Club Salmon BBQ.

Photo by Donna Rowell

In the early 1900's farmers in the area began growing tulips, which thrive in the local climate. A U.S. embargo on bulb imports in the 1920's encouraged many Dutch tulip growers to send family members stateside to establish local growing centers. Many knew of Washington's reputation for tulip farms and chose to settle in the Skagit Valley. In the years since, the tulip tradition has continued to flourish, and today the flower symbolizes the beauty of the region.
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