Skiing and Snow sports

Skiers and snowboarders alike can appreciate the winter sports opportunities available across Western Washington. The Summit at Snoqualmie and Stevens Pass are the two most popular locations for Seattle area residents due largely to their location, but there are also a number of other great ski areas to be found from north to south:

The Summit at Snoqualmie

1001 State Route 906, Snoqualmie WA 425-434-7669
The closest ski location to the Seattle Metro area, Snoqualmie is actually a collection of four parks: Summit East, Summit Central, Summit West and Alpental. Lodging is available in either nearby resorts or in private rentals, and 12 restaurants and cafes can be found across the four sites.
Location: 47 miles east of Seattle on I-90
Number of Trails: 96 (including Nordic)
Lifts: 2 high-speed quad chairlifts, 2 quad chairlifts, 4 triple chairlifts, 11 double chairlifts, 3 carpet-style conveyor lifts, 3 rope tows, 3 handle tows
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Stevens Pass

Summit Stevens Pass US Hwy 2, Skykomish WA 206-812-4510
Stevens is located on two national forests: the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest on the west side of the crest and the Wenatchee National Forest on the east. The base village is at the heart of the primary runs and is comprised of three day lodges.
Location: 78 miles northeast of Seattle on the crest of the Cascade Range
Number of Trails: 37
Lifts: 2 high-speed detachable quad chairlifts, 1 quad chairlift, 4 triple chairlifts, 3 double chairlifts
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Crystal Mountain

33914 Crystal Mountain Blvd, Crystal Mountain WA 360-663-2265
Rated the #7 ski area in North America by Skiing Magazine (2005), the bulk of Crystal's trails are rated for intermediate skiers. For lodging choose from one of three establishments at the base of the mountain.
Location: 76 miles southeast of Seattle, on the northeast edge of Mt. Rainier National Park
Number of Trails: 50
Lifts: 2 high-speed detachable six-passenger lifts, 2 high-speed quad chairlifts, 2 triple chairlifts, 3 double chairlifts, 1 children's surface lift
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Mt. Baker

1019 Iowa St, Bellingham WA 360-734-6771
Mt. Baker offers a rather laid-back skiing experience that is extremely popular amongst native Washingtonians. The mountain gets world-record amounts of powder as weather systems from the north dump all they have on the area.
Location: 56 miles east of Bellingham on Hwy 542
Number of Trails: 38
Lifts: 5 fixed grip quad chairlifts, 2 double chairlifts, 2 tows
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Mission Ridge

7500 Mission Ridge Rd, Wenatchee WA 509-663-6543
Skiers in central Washington head to Mission Ridge, whose top elevation is 6,770 ft. The lesson center is home base to over 60 instructors each season, and many multi-week classes include a free season's pass.
Location: Central Washington, 12 miles south of Wenatchee
Number of Trails: 36 trails
Lifts: 4 double chairlifts, 2 rope tows
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White Pass

48935 US Hwy 12, White Pass WA 509-672-3101
Slightly off the beaten path, White Pass is another relaxed ski area that can be enjoyed both by the seasoned skier and by the skiing or snowboarding family. 60% of the trails are rated for intermediate skiers.
Location: 120 miles east of Olympia at the summit of Interstate 12
Number of Trails: 32
Lifts: 1 high-speed quad chairlifts, 1 triple chairlift, 2 double chairlifts, 2 surface lifts
Read more: is a great resource for skiers across the state. The website includes snow reports, web cams, a powder watch, information on road conditions and detailed information on all major ski parks in Washington.